1. HEFAR Knows How To Get Better Financial Aid For You

    "I never thought I’d be able to put my kids through school with the outrageous cost of college today. After learning about the financial aid process from the HEFAR Group and following your easy steps to lower my EFC, I have hope! Your company has given me peace of mind and I’m putting strategies in place to put my 4 children through college following your advice and guidelines. HEFAR knows how…Read More

  2. Many Parents Are Stressed About Paying for College

    "This is such a wonderful service as many of our parents are very stressed about how to pay for college and the HEFAR Group gives them the tools to begin on the right path." -High School Guidance Counselor…Read More

  3. We Were Able To Afford College

    "We were able to afford college thanks to the amazing college planning through The HEFAR Group. Our son was applying to multiple colleges and we were not finding great financial aid options. We had no idea that our Expected Family Contribution was directly impacting our award packages. With the information in the College Planning 101 course that they offer, we easily completed the FAFSA to get mor…Read More